Product Manager

The Healthy Markets Association is an education-focused 501(c)(6) organization dedicated to informing the discussions surrounding capital markets. As part of its ongoing mission, Healthy Markets has developed the Healthy Markets Research Institute. The Research Institute is seeking candidates to fill a Product Manager position.

A major initiative of the HMRI is to develop a data platform with public market data and private proprietary data that can be used by academics and other researchers to study market structure. The Product Manager will help to organize and manage our data platform development and operational efforts. Once the data platform is built, the Product Manager will continue to define requirements for enhancements, while coordinating operations of the platform and working with the academic research community and HMRI data scientists.

Primary duties include:

  • Coordinating development of the data platform;
  • Defining and prioritizing requirements/features for platform technical capabilities;
  • Helping to define and manage technology development schedule and milestones;
  • Acting as a liaison with our independent academic review committee, which is responsible for oversight, governance and approval of research studies; and
  • Working with the HMRI development team and outside stakeholders to ensure requirements are well-defined and prioritized, including technology features and quantitative metrics.

Other duties that the Product Manager should be able to perform include: 

  • Project management of the entire development effort;
  • Review academic and industry literature to properly define quantitative metrics, and to work with academic review committee to vet conclusions; and
  • Manage project milestones.

Healthy Markets is run by a distributed team around the country, and the expectation is that the Product Manager would be working from their own location.


  • Minimum five years of Industry experience necessary, preferably in a technical product management role at technology vendor, proprietary trading firm, B/D or asset manager;
  • Experience in academic environment or reviewing academic studies preferred;
  • 1-2 years of project management experience would be a plus;
  • Any development experience would be a plus, but not required (Python would be best);
  • Understanding of cloud infrastructure and capabilities; and
  • Experience with visualization tools (Tableau, python, et al) would be a major plus.

This position reports to the Executive Director. Strong candidates for the position will be expected to work both independently and in coordination with others, including HMRI’s Senior Research Analyst. This position will demand careful attention to detail, the capacity to produce continuous and high quality work, and the ability to delegate tasks where appropriate. 

The ideal candidate will also demonstrate strong organizational skills, a capacity to manage multiple project tasks simultaneously, and a passion for learning about cutting edge advances in cloud technology, “big data” research techniques and machine learning.

Salary range
Contingent upon experience. 


  • Casual, but demanding work environment;
  • Flexible work schedule; 
  • Significant opportunity for professional advancement; 
  • The opportunity to be part of something which will truly help to make investors better informed and markets healthier. 

See to learn more about the Healthy Markets Association or to learn more about the Healthy Markets Research Institute.

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Healthy Markets is an Equal Opportunity Employer.