Best Execution Initiative

With the proliferation of technology-driven trading, it is more important than ever for brokers and investment advisers to have a complete understanding of how their orders are handled, routed, and executed. Regulators are increasingly focused on modernizing brokers' and investors' fiduciary and best execution obligations to reflect modern markets and advancements in analytics, and we are too.  

On March 15, 2016, we released our Better Best Execution Report, which is designed to help investors understand the history of Best Execution obligations, current approaches in the industry and some thoughts on where regulators might be going. 

Healthy Markets is working to promote data transparency so firms can engage in more meaningful analytics. At the same time, we are working to develop and promote best practices and standards for execution reviews and analysis. Collectively, these efforts are intended to help enable investment advisers and brokers to continue to protect investors in rapidly evolving markets